Anna Sui Fall Collection


Featured: Anna Sui:

Folks this season Anna Sui is way better than last. Anna Sui is a brilliant woman with the eye of an artist. Her funky retro threads are always a New York girls best friend. But midwest girls and west coast girls are finding Anna Sui more and more to be perfect for their own collection of juicy threads.

Anna is an international connoisseur of threaded treasures. And surely her collection for Fall 2000 is a treasure chest of Americana, youthful invention, and color to die for.

Her intention is simple... To be yourself. in a world made for everyone else.... Its your world now... What a ya gonna do with it?

Richards Fashion Tip:

Now not everyone can afford an Ann Sui original, and sometimes even if you had the cash it may be tough to find Anna Sui in your local boutiques... So here's a great way to be yourself, look like a model, and do it Anna Sui style.

Wear A Hat...

Everyone is doing it and watch out ladies....
You'll see hats galore this coming year....

Andrew Richard

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