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Models always me ask if they should enter beauty pageants since they charge expensive fees.

Beauty pageants are a great way to break into the professional modeling world. They give you a chance to compete with others, as you will in the real world, and will introduce you to aspiring models, agents and photographers you might never meet if you decide not to attended. Often not ony beauty pageant winners, but many of the contestants will find jobs in the modeling world after just their first competition. The great thing is whether you're 18 or 118 you can give it a try as there is a pageant for just about everyone.

When you enter a beauty pageant some of the things you want to look for would be visibility. Is it televised, even locally, or will there be a reporter there from any of the local newpapers or magazines? If in fact there are reporters or photographers around make sure you introduce yourself personally. Overcome your shyness and shake some hands, give out your comp card and hand over some of those headshots you made. That's what they are for. It is likely a reporter will mention your name in their article, or feature you in a news show of some sort if they meet you personally. Even if you don't win the pageant, you could find more great industry connections than the actual winners.

The reality is if you want to be a model, and you want to get hired as a model and you want to make a career of it, you need to start somewhere. Getting good paid bookings or a great agent come from being well known. The only one who can make you get well known is you. Introduce yourself everywhere you go, be positive, be enthusiastic and smile once in a while.

It's also important for me to say that the pageant does not need to be Miss World, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe or a pageant of that caliber. You can start almost anywhere and see where it leads you. Some of the less well known pageants have turned out quite a few stars and you can be next.

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