Subway Models

Many people have asked to see some non runway stuff I've done. We try to bring you a varied and interesting twist to the New York Model Scene, by shooting with a Brazilian team, a New York male Model, all at the Prince Street Subway stop down in Greenwhich Village.


Weve been bringing you Models from around the world who always seem to wind up in New York. Somehow they find their way here from faraway places like Sweden, Brazil, or Moscow to break into the New York scene with edgy looks, icy smiles, and tan legs.

I hope you like the following images as much as we enjoyed shooting and I hope as always you will send in your comments and suggestions for future shoots and projects. The images on this page are mine, and the set photographer and assistant producer of this shoot is Andre Diehl of Brazil. The featured models are Ms. Yonara Karam of Ford Brazil, and Mr. Cyrus Khambatta, a New York actor and model.

This shoot is for Westcoast Shoes of Brazil, however you wont see many shoes in the following images. We as always are more interested in the hangars, and not in whats hanging.

For the photographers out there...

Nikon N90s on XP100 B/W C-41 process film,

SB 26 Speedlights, and water dripping from the ceiling.




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